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Creating the Right Fitness Environment to Become an Exercise Enthusiast

Some realized how much they missed the social dynamic of going to public places for workouts. For many individual’s fitness is a community and a home away from home. Another contingency continued integrating ways to stay fit from adaptations during the time period of Covid quarantine.  Some have online memberships, and many are visiting trainers who have set up permanent, private fitness spaces in garages and home areas. Others realized the social component of exercise was not as paramount as private space felt more embracing. Many of these new wellness options have allowed for both trainer and participant to create a more customized experience while continuing to afford safety through sanitation and lessening of exposure to illness. Still there are also those trying to get back on track after 2-years of uncertainty. Regardless of where we stand there is always the ability to find a new approach and jumpstart our motivation!

An experience starting with a new trainer named Kristi-Lynn-Lake in 2022 was a personal lesson in reframing life and stepping into empowerment.

Kristi Lynn started a gym in her home garage in 2018, prior to Covid, not knowing it would be a trend forced upon many in 2000. As a trainer Kristi always appreciated intimate and clean organized spaces. As a psychology major she realized that melding workouts with psychology could optimize potential in a private setting. Touches which allowed clients to listen to their own music choice and setting up circuits that flow and move without the interference from others needing the same equipment were noteworthy benefits. She created a model for one-on-one safe and intimate motivational time. Kristi has been able to implement and offer a safe space during a time that has had many fluctuations with wellness and safety. Many experienced a struggle to feel optimized in the midst of a pandemic that has had its different iterations.

I was referred to Kristi when I was looking for a new training approach. Even though I am in the fitness industry, and it might appear that work exposure supports regular wellness optimization, the effort to stay in shape is an active task. There is an adage that the shoe cobbler always wears the worst shoes. Most professionals who work in wellness and fitness must make their own personal wellness paramount!

Upon starting my training sessions with Kristi, I noticed a trainer running to re-rack my weights with a prosthetic left arm. Kristi was born with this physical disability requiring clients to check preconceived impressions at the door. One must question what a disability is and in training sessions question what is personally attainable. For Kristi, the absence of her arm is the motivator reminding her and inspiring others that not all things in life come easy. Work and determination to succeed are what really matter. The past couple of years have required resiliency for us all as we have had to accommodate in many ways.  Finding a safe, optimizing space to lift weights and learning to embrace movement and use it as a tool for perseverance, are empowering steps. Having a cheerleader that embodies positivity is a way to set up a powerful personal bubble, of sorts, even after the Covid bubble dissipates.

An approach pivotal for daily health, involves creating a space for wellness practices and movement that cannot be minimized by life disturbances along with finding a motivator who keeps it on track and moving in the right direction. We need to continue shaping the environment around us and supporting the health we need. Personal cheerleaders are the conduit to add support to our daily programs. Retooling wellness and adding new approaches with intentionality is key. Finding those who inspire and letting them play a significant role in our lives raises the bar.

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