Coachella Bell Boho Frequently Asked Questions

Relaxed Vibes. Sun and warmth. Vast open spaces. Hiking and Nature.
To inspire readers to live inspired and to live with the earth instead of on it. We are having a continuous relationship every moment with nature. The question would be are we both giving to the earth and receiving as well? Writings on this webpage inspire this thinking. There are experiences for hiking and shop items coming soon.
Wellness comes in many forms. It can be physical, emotional, psychological and soulful. We must ignited many parts of ourselves. This can be done through nature, art, exercise, writing, reading, breathing and meditating.
We have the answers within. A motivator sparks a thought or an inspiration to allow this held capacity to surface.
A person can pay for a health coach and then expect a result based on a plan. A wellness motivator provides experiences and thoughts to allow wellness to materialize as we know what this is even if it has been locked away for some time.
Increasing the happy quotient, learning about nature and connecting with it, increasing cardiovascular endurance and strength, meeting and connecting with people with a mix of time alone. Thinking time.

Trekking is a longer form of hiking.
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What is not included? Included would be transportation, hiking education, lunch and beverages
Based on time of year and elevation and conditions this would be reviewed prior to day.
The conditions would be assessed and a hike that is favorable recommended based on conditions.
Education on the valley and nature. Accomodation to all levels and understanding of history in the area.
No refunds after payment. Cancellation must be within three days of a trip.
First Aid Kit and discussion on use of hiking poles and awareness of environment.